Breaking up is Hard, I know, I Broke up with my Boyfriend. 
Find out why on the 1st episode of my podcast, THE KPOD!
Ashley Marriott and I sat down for the first time in five years and recorded, “Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do.”


The mission of Kasem Cares is to eliminate all forms of elder  abuse, including isolation through education and awareness, support of  social change, and community service programs. We are dedicated to  fighting elder abuse and protecting the integrity of the family unit  through advocacy, and seek to empower and unify individuals and  organizations in having a voice to speak up against violence against  seniors to help the aging population maintain their independence and  dignity.


Being recognized in the media as an expert in your field means more credibility, brand recognition, clients and sales. 

How many times have you’ve listened or watched as others from  your profession have appeared as “guest experts” on radio and television  shows and thought, “I should be doing that!” The problem is, it’s  nearly impossible to get media bookings until you have proven yourself  as an expert.


To Book Kerri Kasem

Are you looking for a positive, fun, interactive speaker / presenter who  is a wealth of information on family matters, legal matters, branding  and more? Kerri Kasem has been featured on hundreds of syndicated talk  shows / media, news, press throughout the world.Kerri is available to speak to your group or your area.

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