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Kasem Cares Foundation


The Kasem Cares Foundation isn’t just limited to the experience of a daughter of celebrity father Casey Kasem; rather, this is the experience so many of us across this country face with an ailing parent and a step-parent placing restrictions and inhumane conditions upon the relationship between an adult child and his/her ailing parent. With this foundation comes the reassurance and promise from us to dedicate our time and determination to pass a law in the state of California and well onto other states in America giving legal rights to adult children where none exist thus far in the courts.

The Kasem Cares Foundation was founded to assist the thousands of adult children and family members all over the Unites States whose ability to visit and/or communicate with an ailing parent or family member has been terminated, unreasonably restricted, or otherwise obstructed by a later-in-time step-parent or other legal caretaker.  The Foundation’s purpose is to give adult children and family members in these unfair circumstances legal recourse—a way to fight for their right to spend time with their ailing parent/family member—because to date, there is no legal recourse, right, process or procedure, for adult children/family members in this situation in the United States (outside the outrageously expensive and time-consuming conservatorship/guardianship process).
Dedicated and determined to rectify this injustice, Kerri Kasem and the Kasem Cares Foundation are working with California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who has introduced AB2034, groundbreaking legislation for California that will create a first of its kind legal process allowing adult children and family members to file a petition with the court requesting to visit their ailing family member when visitation is being denied by a spouse or other legal caretaker.  With your help, and continued support, Kerri and the Kasem Cares Foundation will not stop until this important legislation is passed into law in the State of California and, soon, in each of the other forty-nine states.

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