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Television, Radio, and Speaking Appearances:


May 28, 2015  The Rotary Club of Los Angeles – Calendar | LA5 Rotary Club of Los Angeles

June 15, 2015 Financial Awareness and Healthy Relationships for Seniors – Laguna Woods – Presented by Laura’s House

July 16, 2015  South Bay and Long Beach Estate Planning Council – “Elder Abuse: The Silent Epidemic” – at The Grand Long Beach Event Center.  In an aging population, both financial and physical elder abuse is becoming more prevalent. It is estimated that over 2 million seniors report either physical or financial elder abuse annually. One of the primary tools of for elder abusers is isolation – preventing a senior from seeing or speaking to a loved one. Although the Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act defines isolation as a form of elder abuse, it is almost never investigated or prosecuted.

July 17, 2015  Morning | Keynote Speaker – San Diego Symposium


May 21, 2015 Kerri Kasem – in Austin, Texas to testify before Congress about the Visitation Bill. You can watch at the 12 min 40 second mark, the VISITATION BILL being discussed before the Texas committee in Austin: (Kerri Kasem and Dinah Street speak at 14:56):…

May 21, 2015  El Paso Times Reporter did a great article on exactly what Kerri is doing – to get people to realize the importance of being proactive instead of reactive. Read full article.

May 20, 2015  El Paso Independent School District with David Rodriguez  – speaking about his anti-bullying campaign to 7th graders at Henderson Middle School.  KFOX14 article.

May 19, 2015  Heavyweight Champion Boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez and Kerri Kasem speak in Texas at the El Paso Chihuahua Baseball stadium.  David will be speaking on his anti-bullying campaign and Kerri will share the Kasem Cares’ foundation message on elder abuse awareness, prevention and the “Visitation bill” to over 9,000 people (including children and parents).

May 19, 2105 Kerri and the El Paso Chihuahua event are featured in the El Paso Times

May 19, 2015  7:00 am on KLAQ and 4 o’clock hour on Fox 92.3 FM – El Paso, Texas

Past Events:

May 11, 2015  Good Day L.A. interviews Kerri Kasem. Click here to watch the video.

May 6, 2015 UBN Radio Interview Tom LaBonge and Kerri Kasem (at the 23 minute mark). Kerri speaks about the experience of being blocked, the challenges of the court system, family, current law as it stands, elder abuse, APS (Adult Protective Services), the letters we receive asking for help, the reason for wanting to pass the Visitation Bill in California (and also currently in 8 states) and the reason she created the Kasem Cares Foundation.  She explains the recent passage of the visitation bill in Iowa which can now allow a judge to rule on visitation.  Currently judges do not have the ability to rule on visitation.

April 27, 2015  Casey Kasem Birthday Tribute Event and “Fun-Raiser” – Anaheim, CA

April 27, 2015 Kasem Cares Foundation receives a Congressional Certificate by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez

April 24, 2015  Radio interview: “WHO Newsradio 1040” The Simon Conway Show celebrating the passing of Iowa’s Visitation Bill thanks to Simon Conway, Senator Zaun, Governor Terry Branstad, Troy Martin, Martha Geisler Patterson and Robert Naylor

April 24, 2015  Des Moines Iowa – to witness Governor Terry Branstad signing the nation’s first “Visitation Bill”

April 23, 2015 Kids Need Both, Lakeland Florida

April 22, 2015  Testifying before Congress in Austin, Texas

April 20, 2015  On air radio interview 105.3 with JB In the Morning | With Representative Joe Moody – Austin, Texas

April 19, 2015 “Sunday Brunch with Tom & Lynn” Show on KOCI 101.5 FM – Talking about the upcoming fundraiser in Anaheim and elder abuse awareness and the Kasem Cares Foundation Team

March 30, 2015 On air with “The Raad Life” with Kerri Kasem and Carrie Jones

March 25, 2015 Orange County Estate Planning Council

March 9, 2015 The Red Booth Interview

March 5, 2015 Senior Scam Stopper with Attorney Naz Barouti and Assemblyman Mike Gatto | Glendale Adventist Medical Center

February 6, 2015  Talk Show Boot Camp line-up – Atlanta, Georgia

January 30, 2015 Los Angeles Press Conference led by Kerri Kasem, family and supporters (ABC Eyewitness News)

January 22, 2015 National Aging in Place (NAIPC) – Orange County Chapter

January 8, 2015 Beverly Hills Weekly article – Kerri discusses her fight to allow adult children to visit ailing parents

December 27, 2015 “Protecting Your Family” with Naz Barouti on @KABCRadio Naz Barouti and Kerri Kasem discuss the latest on her family’s ordeal along with what’s happening in the news! #‎790KABC

October 13, 2014 #‎WomenInPower with Elena Lyons Cardone & Katrina Campins |

September 2, 2014 Los Angeles courtroom protesting Parental Alienation and supporting Jason Patric in his fight to see his son again.

August 28, 2014 Sacramento, CA meeting Senator Jackson about AB2034.

August 25, 2014 The Emmys honor Casey Kasem along with all of the other great talents we lost this year.

August 21, 2014 Sacramento, California to meet with the Governors Office and lobbyists, Rob Flannigan and Robert Naylor

August 16, 2014 KFI AM640 from 4-6 filling in for Lisa Ann Walters

August 7, 2014 Relationship Building Network – Mission Viejo Country Club

August 5, 2014 Naz Barouti Interviews Kerri Kasem and the Rooney Sisters

July 22, 2014 Access Hollywood Interview with Kerri Kasem and Julie Kasem

July 17, 2014 Home and Family TV show

July 16, 2014 Hallmark Channel

July 7, 2014 Access Hollywood

June 24, 2014 Testified in front of the California Senate for the Visitation Bill AB2034

April 28, 2014 US Weekly article about Vigil by Kerri Kasem, supporters, friends and family

Access Hollywood
“Dad Was Always There For Us”

Access Hollywood
“Kerri Reflects on Casey Kasem’s Final Moments”

Howard Stern

The View

Piers Morgan

Kerri's Reel

House of Lebanon “Pride of Heritage” Banquet To Feature Kerri Kasem as Master of Ceremonies Multimedia personality Kerri Kasem will be the master of ceremonies at House of Lebanon 2014 “Pride of Heritage” Banquet on April 5 at the Beverly Hilton. Kasem is very excited to be part of House of Lebanon “Pride of Heritage” Gala”, which is benefiting the first Lebanese American Cultural Center in Los Angeles. “It is an incredible honor to be able to host such an incredible event with a great entertainment program,” said Kasem. “There is an emotional attachment to the event. It generates a sense of pride given my own Lebanese heritage.”

Speaking Topics:

As an entertainer and the daughter of a reknowned celebrity, Kerri Kasem has lived more of her life in the spotlight than most of us. Unfortunately, recent circumstances put her private and very personal family tragedy on the front pages of the news this year. Her legal battle regarding the visitation and medical care of her father, radio icon Casey Kasem, has brought awareness and attention to a cause that many of us may face one day in today’s world of blended families.


She founded the Kasem Cares Foundation to establish and fight for the rights to have visitation and reasonable access to an ailing parent, especially when under the care and control of an uncooperative spouse or sibling.She is an inspiration and voice of many people going through challenging times.  Through Kerri’s voice, leadership and team, she can help inspire and help change your life.


Recent Keynote speaker at South County’s Largest RBN Mission Viejo Country Club Luncheon, Wednesday August 6th – Orange County Register details.  Naz Barouti will be in attendance for Q&A as well.  She is from KABC’s show “Protecting Your Family.”

Topics Kerri can speak about:

What to Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family:  The Top Will and Estate Planning Tips That Can Change Your Life!


Let’s face it, we ALL need to plan for the future and PROTECT our assets and, most importantly our family after we pass but most of us don’t want to face the inevitable so we avoid having these conversations and thus remain uncertain how to even start the process. 

Other notable topics:

  • Do you have wealth that is unprotected? Are you putting off making that important appointment with an estate planning attorney to discuss these very personal matters.
  • Why you need proper legal, will and estate planning
  • Elder Abuse prevention
  • Kindness & Attitude – Motivation to Achieve Your Dreams
  • Health & Wellness
  • How to Use Study Technology to Teach Adults and Children to Overcome Learning Obstacles and Disabilities

Are you looking for a positive, fun, interactive speaker / presenter who is a wealth of information on family matters, legal matters, health & wellness and more? Kerri Kasem has been featured on hundreds of syndicated talk shows / media, news, press throughout the world.

“No child or adult should ever have to go through what we went through.”

Kerri has been featured on:

  • Access Hollywood
  • People (article)
  • The Doctors
  • US Weekly
  • Las Vegas KDWN 720am
  • Nikki Sixx: Sixx Sense (Broadcast nationally on Sirius Radio)
  • The Business Experience Show KLAA AM830
  • Numerous radio stations nationwide: KNX, KABC, Sirius Radio Nationally broadcast, KFI, and many more!

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