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Interested in Hearing From You on Abuse in the Workplace, Domestic Abuse or Elder Abuse

Recently on radio, we’ve been talking about and taking phone calls on abuse — whether it be on abuse in the workplace, domestic abuse or elder abuse. — at KABC-AM 790 TalkRadio. Interested in your voice and comments as your information can benefit others.  I’ve received numerous letters and Facebook post comments.  We continue to create alliances from great organizations that we will be sharing on this site soon.  Thanks for your feedback and support.

Love, Kerri

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We have a promise from Senator Jackson that she will personally work on AB2034 “The Visitation Bill” with Assembly Member Mike Gatto

We have a promise from Senator Jackson that she will personally work on AB2034 “The Visitation Bill” with Assembly Member Mike Gatto!

That means the bill will still go in to effect the same time as if it passed today.

A lot of people are responsible for getting legislation this far and two are pictured below, Kelly Rooney and Christopher Prudhome! AND I thank all of you that wrote emails and called the Senator!

With love,
Kerri Kasem
As seen on Kerri’s Facebook earlier this week:
THANK YOU for all the phone calls!!! PLEASE use your Twitter to tell Senator Hanna Beth Jackson to:PLEASE @SenHannahBeth PASS AB2034 the “Visitation Bill” authored by @MikeGatto. Families are depending on it! Lives are depending on it!Or retweet my Tweet.
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Sold Out OC Business Luncheon Hears Kerri Kasem Speak

Kerri Kasem was the keynote speaker at RBN in Mission Viejo, California.

Topics shared with 150 attendees included:

  • How to correctly plan your estate
  • Avoiding the time and expense to get a conservatorship
  • Why you need a durable power of attorney
  • The benefits of a health care directive
  • The personal cost of improper planning
  • Heart-breaking lessons concerning life-and-death decisions

She spoke about her personal story and the ordeal of her father, Casey Kasem, and why she decided to go public in 2013 to help other families from going through similar pain or difficult ordeals.

If you are remarried (or married for the first time whether you are in a  good relationship or not) there are things you should do to protect your children.  “It’s so important.  I started the Kasem Cares Foundation to promote basic family rights legislation that is currently not in the law.  Existing law does not allow a judge to rule on visitation because the judge has no jurisdiction.”

Kerri will be in Sacramento the week of August 11th to continue pushing the Visitation Bill AB2034 through the California assembly.

Kerri spoke alongside speaker and estate planning attorney, Naz Barouti of the Barouti Law Corporation with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties.  Naz offers a free guide: “Understanding Living Trusts: How to Avoid Probate, Save Taxes & More” and spoke about her mission to help others get correct guidance when planning their will, trust and estate.

Casey Kasem - Community - Kerri Kasem - Keynote Speaker - News

Kerri Kasem and Julie Kasem Talking About The Right to Ask Where Your Parent is Buried

Access Hollywood talks with Kerri and Julie Kasem.  It’s been a month since radio legend Casey Kasem passed away (Father’s Day) at the age of 82, but the whereabouts of his body remains a mystery.  Here Kerri and Julie Kasem share more information on the family updates and The Kasem Cares Foundation:

“When the legislation bill passes — Visitation Bill AB 2034 that assemblyman Mike Grotto is authoring —  when that passes, in January 2015, we will have the right to ask for where my father is buried,” says Kasem.

That is part of the bill:

  • To know where your loved one is buried.
  • To know when your loved one is in the hospital.
  • To have visitation if your parent wanted it.

So if anyone is in a similar position, write me.  We can help you and get this bill passed in every single state so this does not happen to anyone else.

It is so important to me that people get the right help while they are alive, well and healthy, I am speaking on August 6, 2014 in Orange County. More information to attend this talk: click here.

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Protecting Your Family Estate Planning Attorney Speaks with Kerri Kasem on KABC

Kelly Rooney and Kimmy Rooney discussing being blocked from an ailing parent. July 28, 2014

Radio personality and recent family law advocate Kerri Kasem discusses recent activities regarding the passage of Visitation Bill AB 2034, her late father Casey Kasem, her step-mother Jean Kasem’s vitriolic behavior, and keeping a clear head about it all.

Family law attorney and radio host, Naz Barouti interviewed Kerri on the radio show “Protecting Your Family” which airs weekly in Southern California on KABC.

Kasem is continuing her advocacy of family rights by taking her cause nationwide and publicly speaking about her experiences.

Casey Kasem - Kerri Kasem

Kerri Kasem: Dad Casey Kasem ‘Was Always There For Us’

Video at:

Some Questions Access Hollywood asked Kerri:

What was he like as a father?

Was relationship with mom and dad okay?

Did you get from him everything that you needed?

I am who I am today because of my father. Here is part of the Access Hollywood Live interview. I talk about my Dad’s vocal exercises and I just start laughing. He was so serious and made the funniest faces.
Remembering some of the good times…

At 11am I’m talking about the Kasem Cares Foundation, the “Visitation Bill” and my story on Access Hollywood Live this morning on NBC. Also later tonight, I’m on Access Hollywood the evening addition.