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Kerri Kasem Presenting at RBN’s Mission Viejo Country Club Luncheon

Kerri Kasem is the presenting speaker at South County’s Largest RBN Mission Viejo Country Club Luncheon. Kerri Kasem will gave education and insight on: What to Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family. Get advice from Kerri and attorney, Naz Barouti.

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Will and Estate Planning Tips That Can Change Your Life! Let’s face it, we ALL need to plan for the future and PROTECT our assets and, most importantly our family after we pass but most of us don’t want to face the inevitable so we avoid having these conversations and thus remain uncertain howto even start the process.



Kerri Kasem is founder and speaker of The Kasem Cares Foundation, which isn’t just limited to the experience of a daughter of celebrity father Casey Kasem; rather, this is the experience so many of us across this country face with an ailing parent and a step-parent placing restrictions and inhumane conditions upon the relationship between an adult child and his/her ailing parent. Kerri is sought after by Americans all over the country on what to do and what not to do in their own personal stories of trials and hardships. The countless letters and outcry for support is why Kerri is on a mission to help inspire and change the life of others. She is an inspiration and voice of many people going through challenging times. Through Kerri’s voice, leadership and team, she can help inspire and help change your life. Naz Barouti will be in attendance for Q&A as well.  She is from KABC’s show “Protecting Your Family.”