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Kerri Kasem Speaker at National Aging in Place Council – OC Chapter

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Thursday, January 22, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM (PST) Irvine, CA

As an entertainer and the daughter of a renowned celebrity, Kerri Kasem has lived more of her life in the spotlight than most of us. Unfortunately, recent circumstances put her private and very personal family tragedy on the front pages of the news this year. Her legal battle regarding the visitation and medical care of her father, radio icon Casey Kasem, has brought awareness and attention to a cause that many of us may face one day in today’s world of blended families.

She founded the Kasem Cares Foundation to establish and fight for the rights to have visitation and reasonable access to an ailing parent, especially when under the care and control of an uncooperative spouse or sibling. She is an inspiration and voice of many people going through challenging times.  Through Kerri’s voice, leadership and outreach she hopes to inspire and help others.

Come here Kerri Kasem speak along with the National Aging in Place Council – OC Chapter.

“My life is dedicated to getting a bill passed that will help end isolation for the elderly and sick.” -Kerri

Its Mission:
  • Reaching out to seniors.
  • Establishing local Aging in Place Councils among businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations, the aging in place professional network, and the health care system. Homeowners benefit if professionals from the various disciplines are knowledgeable about one another, and better professional referral networks are established.Increasing the level of knowledge and skills of Aging in Place professionals from a wide variety of fields whose collaboration and involvement is essential to insuring greater public access to programs and support services that promote independent living.
  • Advocating for policies, regulations and business practices that promote Aging in Place.
  • Promoting National Aging in Place Week and other events through various media. During this week, members of the National Aging in Place Council® coordinate events in their communities to highlight local programs and services available to help increase independent living.
Healthy Living - Kerri Kasem - What you should know

Kerri Kasem on Juice Fasting and the Vegan Diet

Host of The K-Pod and co-host of Sixx Sense, Kerri Kasem is a wellness advocate who healed herself from ADD and depression without drugs. Here Kerri explains how juicing and eating a plant-based diet can prevent and reverse disease!

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